Automatic Revolving Door

Automatic Revolving Door. We are Nigeria’s No. 1 Supplier of Automatic Revolving Door. 3-Wings Automatic Glass Revolving Door for Hotel, Airports, Malls, Government Buildings

Automatic Revolving Door: Powerful Intelligent Self Opening and Closing function on Motion Sensor.

The three wings revolving door is simple and beautiful, economical and practical, which is widely used in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and other places, and at the same time, the entrance of the building and environment through the isolation of these two opposite safety requirements, effectively play the role of wind, dust, noise, and good safety in the security, anti-pinch, anti-collision, speed control performance has superior performance, so as to improve the environment near the entrance if plus the exhibition box, add a more perfect decorative effect.

Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd.’s Automatic Revolving door series is adaptable to different installation requirements. It’s designed for heavy traffic situations both for heavy pedestrian volume places (Super Markets, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, etc) and medium-sized users (Offices, Restaurants, etc).
Automatic Revolving Doors provide increased accessibility and functionality to high traffic commercial areas. Hiphen Solutions offers high-quality doors that will withstand the test of time.
All automatic Revolving doors are custom made to your exact specifications, ensuring your full satisfaction. Its main features are its silent opening and closing action; it’s dynamic stability and it’s quick and easy installation.